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Acne – Things You Might Be Interested To Know in 2016, according to DermatologyandSurgery.com.

If you are like most people, at one time or another, you have experienced a skin condition called acne. That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone knows the best ways to control or prevent acne. If you do have this skin condition, there are some general rules that you should follow that may help with your particular situation. Taking care of your acne does not have to be as problematic as you think – here are some tips that can help you.

There’s no single cause of acne, and even doctors and medical researchers aren’t sure exactly why it occurs. It may have to do with a weak immune system, hereditary factors, stress and the presence of certain bacteria. So there’s no point in worrying too much about why you have acne, especially since so many people have this problem at some point. Whether you try an over-the-counter remedy, or you seek professional medical help for this condition, you simply need to find something that works for your skin.

Special diets, along with home remedies, has provided some amount of relief for those that suffer with this condition. Some of them are not even pharmaceutically based We’re often told to wash and stay as clean as possible when we have acne. The problem is not with the cleaning of your skin, but doing it too much which causes additional problems. See more at http://www.prevention.com/beauty/16-skin-care-tips-derms-do-themselves.

Acne, you should know, is not caused by excessive dirt on your face. It’s actually caused by internal factors such as the production of too much oil and then bacteria living in the pores. The problem is not so much in cleaning your skin, but doing it so aggressively that it aggravates your skin to the point where it produces too much bacteria and oil in the pores.

If your acne becomes inflamed from washing your face to roughly, it will only get worse. It is all about finding the right balance for your face. By washing your face just twice a day, using very mild soap, you should be able to manage your breakouts.

Heat and cold can make your acne condition worse, specifically because exposure to the elements like the sun can exacerbate the acne that you have. You should always protect your skin as much as possible from the elements, especially if you have acne. You should always use sunblock if you are going to be in the sun for prolonged periods.

The belief that the sun can dry out pimples is actually not true; excessive heat will cause inflammations and more acne to occur. Using oil-based sunblock can be your worst enemy in that it will help inflame the acne you already have. Will you be outside in the cold? If so, you might want to consider using a ski mask to protect your face from the elements.

By protecting your face from the elements, and being more gentle with your skin, you will notice that your acne will get better. Acne has no cure, yet modern medicine is working hard to find one. Preventing and maintaining this skin disorder is all that we can do at this point in time. That means practicing common sense and using whatever products are most effective. By observing the efforts and findings of others, specifically regard into acne prevention, we can help prevent it from appearing on our own face by doing the same.

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